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Although winter is the dormant season for many plants, it doesn’t mean that your garden needs to look as though it’s sleeping! There are those hardy plants that face the frosts, lift the gloom and bring some much needed life and vitality to your garden through those hard few months of the year, plants such as Mahonia, Winter Flowering Jasmine, Hellebores. The list is quite long!

If the weather is suitable then you can still plant shrubs and perennials, also spring bedding can still be planted providing the soil conditions are suitable.

Spring bedding Plants we have available will be  Pansies,  Violas, Primulas and Primroses

Why not plant some perennial alpines to give you a spring show of colour?


The dull dark days of winter can be brightened up with the addition of some floral power, colours and scents.

Here on the Nursery we use nature’s bounty to add colour and scent to your home.

You can choose from a selection of our handmade wreaths, some of them are absolutely stunning and could look wonderful hanging on your front door. Some are plainer and might be the ideal answer to remembering your missing loved ones at this special time of the year.

We stock a large range of Christmas trees in sizes ranging from 3ft to 9ft. You can also choose from the traditional or Nordman tree, the smell of a fresh tree is one of the joys of Christmas! Our friendly staff will be happy to carry your tree to your car for you too.

We are well known for our Poinsettia plants and grow a range of different colours for you to choose from.

We also have available Cyclamen, Primroses and a large selection of plant arrangements for you to choose from - these make perfect gifts!

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