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Exciting Plants for Autumn Planting!

When you are looking at planting bedding in autumn, you are really looking for something that will begin flowering now and then burst into a fantastic display next spring.

Here at Kings Hill, we have been searching to find some exciting new bedding plants to liven up your year!

We have added a few interesting varieties to all the usual favourites to really bring some colour to your garden this winter.

Firstly we have a true trailing Pansy which is perfect for brightening up your winter baskets. We are also now selling the ‘Friolina’, a stunning type of trailing Viola in blue or yellow, giving you masses of bright flowers. However, we don’t want to forget the old favourites, like the winter flowering Pansies and Violas. They do a brilliant job and we have plenty of them at the nursery this autumn in various colours. We have a new hardy scented ‘Stock’ which will flower from now right the way through until next spring. The new hardy Dianthus, Sweet Williams, Wallflowers and various Bellis Daisies are just a few other examples of flowers that have available this autumn at the nursery.

This year we are also selling a much wider range of unusual bulbs. A note worthy few includes the amazing Erythronium, the Snakes-head Fritillaries and a variety of Alliums and rare Trilliums. The classic blue ‘Forget-me-nots’ are a super compliment to any garden forming a mat of flowers through which you can grow bulbs.

Although bedding is a great way to brighten up your winter, we shouldn’t forget the autumn flowering perennials like the hardy Chrysanthemums. These will help to bring colour to your garden year after year.

Overall there really is a lot to tempt you at the Nursery this autumn!

autumn basket 2